We received 61 newly hatched chicks in the mail today!  They came three days before we expected them, but fortunately we were mostly ready for them.  All but one seem healthy and happy – we have one leg injury that nurse Rachel will hopefully know how to treat.

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  1. Who knew chicks came in the mail? We are so proud of you both and excited for all your risk taking. We are behind you and with you, even from afar!

  2. Welcome to the wonderful world of chickens, my fellow Lemon Grove peoples! We keep 17 heritage breed hens right here in LG too and sell to a very devoted clientele at the same price you are. People are incredibly grateful. I can’t keep up with my orders to save my life. Are you only selling your eggs in CSA boxes? If you’ll just sell your eggs, we will funnel you our overflow egg requests. Due to our website (originally created to answer the many questions we got over and over) we get way more requests than we can handle. I don’t want more hens than I have now, so the business is yours if you want it.

    Angus Acres
    Lemon Grove, CA

    • Thanks! We are up to about 50 chickens total between the farm and our house. Only seven of them are old enough to be laying, so we can’t fill too many egg orders at the moment, but in a month or two, we will be inundated with eggs. We’re actually thinking of adding an eggs-only option to our CSA since we’ll have far more eggs than ten families can eat in a week. We’d definitely love to help you fill some orders when the time comes!

      • I HIGHLY suggest that you add the egg only section to the order form as you will get more requests than you can handle. And if you don’t you can put yourself on Local Harvest and a couple other local eating/farm to table sites that will help get the word out.

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