Brief update

Things aren’t moving quite as quickly as we’d hoped, but they are moving.

Our chicks are growing quickly (they are a week and a half old, now), and our land has been plowed (but is still in the process of being tilled):

I haven’t done much work yet, but I’m already sore and tired.  I definitely won’t be needing the gym pass I was briefly thinking of getting.  Things have cost more and taken longer than we expected, but we also expected things to cost more and take longer than we expected, so I guess in some ways things are exactly as we expected them to be.  I am enjoying the work, though.  It might take a couple of weeks for my muscles to catch up to the demands I am putting on them.  I’m looking forward to when they do.

If you need something to anticipate to get you through the day, I’m working on a post reflecting on Lent, death, and farming.  Always popular, uplifting topics.

Other things to look forward to:

Pictures of the chicks’ new home, finished today

Seeds in the ground tomorrow (hopefully)

A word on beekeeping (I’ve been doing some research)



  1. Rachel Thomas sent me the link to this and I am incredibly excited for you guys!!! please please speed up the beekeeping post… that is a personal hobby of mine! (not that i do it… i just read about it a lot). and think it sounds awesome.

    This is a GREAT idea and i could not be more jealous.

    your fan,
    margaret (and phil!)

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