A Little Help from Dad

This week, our fathers have pitched in to help with some of our animal housing units.  My (Chris’) Dad came out to help with chicken coop construction, and Rachel’s Dad began building us a top bar beehive.  Both are works in progress, but both seem to be coming along nicely.  Check it out:

Here is the hive that Boyd Pitney (Rachel’s Dad) has been working on in Wausau, WI

Here is the other side. Note the viewing window- we’ll be able to take a look inside without opening it up (the roof is removable for when we need to open it). It will eventually be on legs that will lift it a few feet off of the ground.

Here is the chicken coop we are building. My Dad and a friend came out to help us last Saturday.  It will be mobile so that the chickens can move around the farm and eat as many weeds and bugs as they want.  This coop is almost done.  I’ll install the wire mesh later this week, then we just need some wheels, some lay-boxes, and a ramp to help the chickens get up into the coop. 

Eventually there will be a ramp for the chickens to climb up into the coop from the ground.

This shows both of the doors that will allow us to access the coop. The door closest to the camera is where the lay-boxes will be, so we can easily reach in to pull out the eggs.

This door will allow us to clean out the bedding.

View from inside the coop.

Here is coop #2. Each coop will house about 15 chickens. We’re hoping to get back to work on this one on Saturday.


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