I feel like I jumped out of a moving car

Today was supposed to be simple – I was going to finish adding to the chicken run at our house so that we would be ready to move our chickens outside sometime next week.  Of course, there were several things I hadn’t thought through.  Most significantly, I hadn’t considered the fact that I was using part of the new chicken run to house the chicks in the garage.  So… I had to finish the entire thing today or the chickens would have nowhere to live tonight.

Hours later my back was sore, I had cuts all over my body from loose ends of chicken wire, my hands were bloody from the same thing, my knee felt like it had been shattered from jumping over a pile of junk and onto a flat brick that wasn’t stable and shot up into my kneecap, my muscles were all tired from chasing and catching each of our 48 extremely quick and scared chickens in the backyard and garage multiple times, and I was sunburned.  Then I realized that the chickens still weren’t going to fit in the new area because the old coop was too small to fit them all, and there was still nowhere to house them tonight. Long day.

But, we got the run done, and we realized how grown up our chicks really are.  Grown up and incredibly quick and evasive.  We were a little stressed about how they’d do in the garage tonight without any sort of enclosure, but we came home after having dinner with some friends from church and their newborn and found this:


(this window is six feet off of the ground)


(there are two chickens in this picture)


(sorry for the poor quality – these were taken on an old phone with low light)

We think they’ll be ok.



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