This Week

This week at Psalter Farm I am…
…Knowing that the worst is behind us when it comes to chicken coops, a few finishing touches and we’re done baby!!!
…Admiring my husband’s workmanship- all three coops are functional, cost effective, and easy on the eyes.
…Celebrating that  all the farm chickens are finally making it into the coop on their own.
…Lamenting that we no longer have a reason to make nightly trips together to the farm, it’s so beautiful at dusk.
…Enjoying every last drop of fresh squeezed orange juice.
…Watching in anticipation for the next bunch of oranges to ripen.
…Getting very excited about that first tomato (and some basil and homemade mozz to go with!).
…Wanting to plant some more tomatoes.
…Rejoicing at the discovery of wild fennel, and lots of it (clearly, nature doesn’t need us at all!).
…Anticipating the arrival of our top bar bee box in the mail next week (this work of art should go in our living room, it’s gorgeous).
…Thinking we really need to hurry up and figure out how to get bee-certified.
…Hoping none of our neighbors have severe bee-allergies.
…Savoring our first farm harvest, an arugula salad, enjoyed the best way, outside, with friends.
…Loving that we can be entertained by chicken antics from the patio while we enjoy a meal (the roosting gets me every time).
…Awaiting the arrival of a dear friend from Durham next week, a farm and garden tour is in order!
…Seeing that the way things are growing, we might be ready for the first CSA boxes in a mere month. 
Wishing you a wonderful week!


  1. YAY! Exciting week! Especially grateful for #13 and #15 on that list!:) WAY TO GO NAFIS’! You Rock and we love the farm, we love your passion and we love getting to share bits and pieces with you!

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