What we’re growing

I keep getting asked what we’re growing at the farm, and since I never really know how to respond (you’ll see why when you read the list), I thought I’d just list it all out so that people could look and see for themselves.  Here is our crop list as of right now in order of the date they were planted with repeats removed.  More will be planted in the very near future:

Rodelika Carrots

Gill’s All Purpose Tomatoes

Cayenne Peppers

Chiogga Beets

Red Acre Cabbage

Stupice Tomatoes

Black Beauty Eggplant

Legend Tomatoes

Cipolini Onions

Napolean Sweet Peppers

Anton Hybrid Corn

Champion Collards

Lacitano Kale

Oregon Sugar Sweet Peas

Yaya Hybrid Carrots

Palla Rosa Radicchio

Brocate Hybrid Corn

Cherry Tomatoes

Early Jalapenos

Bountiful Bush Bean

Victoria Butterhead Lettuce

Umpuqua Broccoli

Early Roma Tomatoes


Cour de Beauf Cabbage

DiCicco Broccoli

Super Jericho Lettuce

Grandpa’s Butterhead Lettuce

Maule’s Philidelphia Butterhead Lettuce

Spacemaster 80 Cucumber

Cascadia Snap Pea

Wautoma Pickling Cucumber

Musica Pole Bean

Ura Pole Bean

Anton Hybrid Squash

Tiger Cross Hybrid Squash

Kakai Hulless Pumpkin

Bush Delicata Squash

Small Sugar Pumpkin

Cortland Hybrid Onion

Mustang Hybrid Onion






Hybrid Mild Yellow Sweet Onion

Multicolor Swiss Chard

And, of course, chickens

Our first crops are coming in – we are almost ready to start selling boxes, so be ready!



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