San Diego Friends- We Need Your Help!

Whew.  It’s a hot one today in Lemon Grove!  No wonder farmers get up so early…they don’t want to do the already meticulous and uncomfortable job of weeding in the afternoon heat!

After getting down and dirty with our veggies (or uh…weeds!) this morning it is even more clear that we are going to be ready to fill CSA boxes soon, really soon, and we need your help!  We’re brainstorming the best way to get produce from our farm to your table, and we want to create as little waste as possible in the process.  Here’s where you come in!  Instead of recycling (or throwing away!) please save us your:

-Egg cartons

-Any reusable plastic containers

-Twist-ties (such as the ones found at the bottom of boxes of trash bags)

Thank you for helping us care for our beautiful, blessed earth!



  1. Hi, my brother just emailed me the link to your site and mentioned he knows you guys. I would love to learn more about what you guys are doing and get more information on CSA boxes.

      • Hey, thanks for writing back. My brother is Jeff Watkin. I think we would be interested in signing up for a CSA but I’m interested in learning more about your farm in general. I think I can learn mostly by reading your blog posts 🙂 I started square foot gardening at our house and am looking to add more here at our house. We’re over in Allied Gardens.

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