CSA Details

We are still working out the details of how the CSA will work, but I wanted to let everyone know what we are thinking as of right now so that you can start making plans:

  • We are hoping to start filling boxes in 3-4 weeks.  If someone is interested in boxes of just greens (Arugula, Collard Greens, and Kale), let us know and we can get you started sooner – that’s all we have ready at the moment!  We can probably throw some fennel in there too.
  • Boxes will contain a fairly wide variety of vegetables and herbs, and eventually they will contain eggs (whenever the chickens decide to start laying – probably 2-3 months from now).  For a more detailed list of what is in the ground right now look here.  More will be in the ground shortly.
  • We also plan to start keeping bees soon, but we are going to sell the honey/beeswax separately.
  • We plan to have people sign up in six week segments.  This means that you purchase six weeks worth of vegetables (and eventually eggs) at a time.  You pay in advance, and either every week or every two weeks (your choice) you will receive your box.  So, if you sign up for weekly vegetables, you will pay for six boxes and get one every week, and if you sign up for biweekly vegetables, you will pay for three boxes and receive them every other week.
  • Right now, we are thinking that the boxes will start at $35 until the chickens start laying at which point they will be $40 each.  I’m thinking paypal will be the easiest way to do payments, but I haven’t set it up yet.
  • We think we will be able to deliver to those who live relatively close to either the farm or us (Lemon Grove/Golden Hill).  We haven’t quite figured out the limits of our delivery system – we are going to sort of wait and get an idea of who is going to sign up for boxes, and then we’ll figure out where we can deliver.  For example – if we have just one person sign up in Point Loma and everyone else is in Southeast San Diego, it might be tough to deliver to that person, but if we have a cluster of people in Point Loma, we’ll make it work.
  • As of right now, I am thinking that Thursdays will be harvest/delivery day.  So, I will dedicate my Thursday to harvesting, and then Thursday afternoon/evening I’ll deliver the boxes.
  • We are obviously going to have to limit the amount of boxes we can fill each week.  We are going to start conservatively and plan to fill ten boxes per week.  That means we can handle either ten weekly boxes or twenty biweekly boxes or any combination of the two that results in us filling ten boxes per week.  If we have more people interested than we can handle, the priority will have to go to those who signed up and paid first.  If needed, we will develop some sort of waiting list system for those who didn’t get signed up in time.  We’ll let you know how and when to sign up soon.

This is what we are thinking for now, but we are new at this, and I’m sure there will be modifications along the way.  If you have any questions or suggestions about anything, let us know!



  1. You guys are so awesome. Phil and I are totally impressed… and WISH we lived near enough to sign up with your CSA. Keep it up! You are in our prayers.
    Our CSA here in Vancouver is starting up in a few weeks as well, and we are totally stoked! It’s time we started eating a little bit healthier anyway… 🙂

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