Eggs for Sale!!!


We recently welcomed four mature Rhode Island Reds to our flock (Thanks Heather and Gary!), making seven laying chickens in all.  Thus, we have a lot more eggs than our small family can handle!  Chris has been seen handing dozens of them out to strangers…

Once all 50+ chickens (I’ve lost count) start laying, a dozen eggs will be included in each CSA box.  But in the meantime…

We’d love to share some eggs with you!  $5/dozen, brown and beautiful, only fed organic feed, and treated with lots of love and respect.

Leave a comment here, or talk to us in person, and as they’re available we’ll bring you some!



  1. holy crow–I’m mailing the egg cartons tomorrow. keeps slipping on my to do list and I was just sure the chickens were probably still non eggers!

  2. Johnny and I have been looking for a place here in TN to buy our eggs and possibly milk from other than the store. Wish we lived close and could get some of yours! keep up the awesome work 🙂

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