Welcoming Bees to the Farm

The Game Plan:

Arrive after dark when bees are more docile.  Suit up.  Spray bees with sugar water.  Cut off comb a piece at a time using butter knife.  Attach comb to top bar using plastic mesh and staple gun.  Insert in top bar bee box.  Repeat until all comb is attached to top bars and hanging in box.  Locate the ball ‘o bees.  Carefully brush into bucket and dump into box with a firm shake.  Locate any additional clumps of bees and brush into box.  Seal up box entrance and put lid on box.  Transport to farm in Honda without getting stung.

The Sting Score:

Jose- 4

Chris- 2

Rachel- 0


Chris and I agreed, one of the coolest and most terrifying things we’ve ever done.  Thankful we could do it with friends!


The hive- 3 to 4 feet long, 3 combs deep


Suiting up


Rachel holds the first comb


Attaching the comb to the first top bar using staple gun and plastic mesh


Ball ‘O Bees


Jose, our resident bee expert





Almost there…




  1. Incredible! Have you two had your mental health checked lately? I will come help you w the farm thurs and Friday. Love you both!
    Yo mama

    • That would be AWESOME! We’d love to see you and have you! First box delivery is Thursday so we’d appreciate the extra hands…not to mention we have two more large areas to plant!!!

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