It’s Time!

Psalter Farm is officially ready to start filling boxes, so all we need now are customers!  It’s time to sign up for the CSA.  Here’s what you need to know/do:

–       We plan to fill our first boxes on Thursday, June 21st  (the week after this week)

–       Deliveries/pick-ups will be every Thursday between 5-9pm (we will narrow this down once we figure out the deliver/pickup ratio and figure out a delivery route)

–       We are having people sign up in six week segments

–       You can choose to receive a box every week or every other week (6 boxes or 3 boxes)

–       Since we don’t have eggs yet, the cost for this round will be $35 per box ($210 for every-week service, $105 for every-other-week service)

–       There is a chance that our chickens will be laying by the end of the six weeks, and if they are, you’ll be getting eggs too

–       If you sign up, we will send you a paypal invoice via email

–       Sign ups will work on a first come, first served basis

–       If you sign up, we’ll give you until Monday, June 18th to pay, and then we’ll start moving down the waiting list

–       We will do our best to offer delivery service to anyone who asks, but we may not be able to accommodate everyone

–       If you choose to pick up your box, or if we can’t deliver to your location, the pick-up spot will either be in Lemon Grove or Golden Hill, whichever is most convenient for the majority

–       Box sizes will vary by week, but we think we are being conservative in limiting the CSA to 10 boxes per week, which means that we think boxes will be of good size (larger than a milk-crate, smaller than a shopping cart)

–       You will receive a wide variety of vegetables, herbs from time to time, and maybe even some flowers here and there.  Eventually, eggs will be included as well.

–       You can also email us anytime with questions or suggestions at

In order to sign up, please respond to with the following information:


Phone number:



Would you like a box every week or every other week?

Would you prefer delivery or pick-up?

Is there anything else you would like us to know?



  1. We are really excited about your CSA right in little Lemon Grove. Seeing all the photos of the fresh, organic goodness is great. Yum 🙂

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