The Morning After

Well, the first harvest/delivery day has come and gone, and this morning we’re left looking back to see how things went.  First of all, it was wonderful to meet those of you we met for the first time (and in one case, figuring out that we had actually met once before a year and a half ago)!  I can’t tell you how much we appreciate your support, your enthusiasm, and your willingness to trust us and be our guinea pigs as we learn how to run a CSA.  We hope you are enjoying your vegetables!

Overall things went well, although we did learn some things.  For example, we learned that it’s a bit much to try to plant a new field in the morning, harvest in the late afternoon, and then deliver all of the boxes.  Next time we’ll be a little less ambitious.  We also learned that we need more time than we thought to do the harvesting.  We only left twenty minutes later than we hoped, but we were scrambling a bit at the end, and we had two extra hands helping us.  We’ll start earlier next time, which will hopefully give us more time for quality control (sorry if you got a bad green or two!).  Starting earlier also means that we need a better method of keeping things cool.  Our experimental attempt yesterday (involving buckets of frozen ice) worked okay, but if we need to keep things cool for another hour or two, we probably need something a little better.  I’ll be trying out new methods throughout this week.

We are tired, sore, and not completely satisfied with our first boxes, but we got a decent box to everyone who ordered one, we got to meet some of our amazing members, and we have some good ideas for improving both the process and the boxes themselves. Thanks again to all of our members.  We look forward to meeting the rest of you next week.  Enjoy your veggies and take comfort in knowing that you are investing in new, small, local, organic farmers that couldn’t be doing any of this without you.  Thank you!


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