grace, thanksgiving, joy.

On Saturday “One Thousand Gifts”, by Ann Voskamp arrived in a loosely packed cardboard box from Amazon.  It was a second thought- I was buying a pair of Reef flip flops and desperately needed to reach that magic $25.00 to earn free shipping.  It is a book I have stumbled upon time and time again on various blogs and is quoted often by Kristi Gerard and Jamie Ussher, both elder friends who inspire me.  Most notably, it’s a book written by a farmer’s wife.  Maybe that’s why I’m so drawn to it, just like I’m mesmerized by the mini-goats at the fair, and captivated by the stories of baby piglets, Feri, our secretary at work, entertains me with.  The premise of the book is that these three things- grace, thanksgiving, and joy- a threefold cord, “offer a way up into life at the fullest.”  I am only part way through p. 38, but I already feel compelled to make a list of my own today.  My 25th birthday is fast approaching (Those of you buying food from us don’t worry, my husband is four years older and all the wiser).  One gift for every year of life.

25 gifts today:

1. Mornings in the garden with the hose in one hand, coffee in the other.

2. Delicious red, purple, and yellow “new potatoes” and the thrill of digging for them and then sharing them.

3. The generosity of a friend.

4. Eggs fresh from the henhouse.

5. A night warm enough to sleep with the windows open.

6. New seeds, coming in the mail any day now.

7. A spontaneous night of cards with friends.

8. Good labwork (WBC’s are up!) and recovery for Brian.

9. The first red tomatoes.

10. 16 kids visiting the farm- screaming through sprinklers, vying for eggs, eager to eat vegetables, and seeing if they can smell “black liquorice” in fennel.

11. The discovery of an apple tree already splattered with flowers.

12. Trellising cucumbers.

13. Phone calls with my sisters and my longest friend from half-way across the world.

14. The need to make a “beware bee crossing” sign because so many bees are moving in and out of the hive.

15. New flip-flops.

16.  Blooming zinnias.

17.  Chamomile flowers for chamomile tea.

18.  A dog that now begs to go to the farm every morning.

19.  Zucchini chocolate chip muffins.

20.  Positive feedback about our first CSA boxes.

21.  The realization that people are eating and feeding their children food we have grown with our hands.

22.  Newly washed floors.

23.  Time spent with all four new babies Sunday.

24.  Honeycomb being built and a viewing window on the bee box to admire it through.

25.  Celebrating 2 years of marriage.



  1. What awesome blessings! And a great idea to write them down, too. You are definitely a blessing to our family. You have opened Chris’ taste buds to the wonderful world of vegetables, fresh fruit, apple pie and so many other things. I am so inspired by both of you 🙂
    Yo 2nd Mama

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