Rooster Anyone?

This beautiful bird let out his first unpolished “cock-a-doodle-doo” early this morning.  Deep down we knew this day was coming, but couldn’t help but hold onto false hope that maybe he would never find his voice box or would magically start laying eggs.  We’ve been sure he was a “He” for months now, as his crown is larger, his feather coat more colorful, and he is much taller in stature than his female counterparts.  (We’re really happy with whoever did the sexing of our chickens- only one rooster out of 60 baby chicks.  And we haven’t had a single death!)  Roosters are valuable members of the flock- they help stabilize the pecking order (versus all the ladies fighting to be top dog…can you imagine the backstabbing and drama that ensues?), provide protection against intruders, and fertilize eggs, but alas, we promised our neighbors NO ROOSTERS.  Anyone out there on the blogosphere in need of a rooster (or an alarm clock)?  We really, REALLY don’t want to tarnish our perfect death record (and I hear rooster meat isn’t that good anyway).  No cockfighting please.




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