this week


This Week I am…

~~ Harvesting our very first grain:  Quinoa.  This Zuccini-Quinoa Lasagna Recipe from Allyson (CSA member) sounds about right.

~~ Celebrating the first day of teaching for my sister, and 19 years of life for my baby brother.

~~ Being reminded of my mother, the master gardener, by the Black Eyed Susans in my kitchen.

~~ Counting 26 pints and 1 quart of canned tomatoes on my shelves.

~~ Thinking this is not enough for a tomato-less winter and planning to put more up this weekend using some of these tips for tomato canning season.

~~ Anticipating a lazy afternoon at Moonlight beach tomorrow, our old stomping grounds in Encinitas.

~~ Enjoying a perfect evening on the patio with new friends and the best pizza I’ve ever made.

~~ Celebrating the first Japanese cucumber.  Finally, cucumbers in boxes this Thursday!

~~ Ordering bulk yeast on the cheap, enough to fill 2 pint jars and for a full year of bread-making I imagine.

~~ Waiting for tomatillos and passing the time by gathering Salsa Verde recipes.

~~ Loving when the vegetables on my counter come together perfectly for dinner.  This frittata from Monika was oh so amazing!

~~ Adding a new bread to my repertoire from this charming cookbook, perfect for egg salad and sandwiches piled high with tomatoes, sprouts, and mayonnaise.

~~ Making Chris happy with these zucchini muffins.

~~ Helping the mentioned man plant, weed, and harvest.  What a dance this all is!

~~ Feeling thankful for slower evenings, and even the hot nights spent under the fan.

~~ Hoping you are having a blessed week!


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