Farm to Table

This week in our kitchen, in an attempt to bring what we’ve produced at the farm to our table, we are…

// Being bombarded with eggs (we had 120 on the counter Friday night, insanity).  New, washable storage trays are finally here to help with organization.  (Get your egg orders in, the wait is over!)

// Betting on which “turbo” eggs are double yolks, aka twins!

// Sprouting lettuce to feed an army and buckwheat for this week’s boxes.

// Making yogurt and then storing it in my great great grandmother’s mason jars.  Thinking of her whenever I reach into the refrigerator for them.

// Using the first of the yogurt and the first cucumbers for tzatziki sauce.  Oh my, if you’re a hummus lover, you have to try this with pita chips or even better, homemade pita bread.

// Making spaghetti sauce with the less than perfect veggies that didn’t make it into boxes Thursday, and freezing the extras (I’m trying out freezing in glass jars instead of freezer bags).  This is a great recipe for the tomatoes, carrots, and peppers in your box this week!

// Pesto, pesto and more pesto for freezing.  I follow this recipe in general, but all you need is olive oil, salt, basil, Parmesan cheese, garlic, and pine nuts, or walnuts for less pricey pesto.  More basil is coming in your CSA boxes!  But in the meantime, try making pesto with kale as suggested by CSA member Allyson.

// Crackin’ melons!  None quite ripe yet.  What’s a dull thump sound like anyway?

// Completing step 1 of many involved in rendering our top bar beeswax into beeswax candles.

// Making mozzarella, and whey ricotta.  We really need a dairy cow…

// Ripening tomatoes in the windowsill, as you should too whenever we give you not yet ripe tomatoes.  These will go perfect with all that cheese…

// Turning the calendar to September.  It’s time to make a trip to Julian for apple-picking and applesauce making (and maybe a pumpkin-latte)!  What I’d give for a Midwest fall…

// Wishing you a wonderful week of eating well!


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