Farming Our Way to a New Home

We have an announcement!  Psalter Farm is moving, and us along with it!  Six and a half weeks ago we received word of an opportunity to be caretakers on a breathtaking, 45-acre ranch in Jamul.  Our job, to live and work the land, for free.  Live and work for free!  It feels way too good to be true.

Rancho Vivo is centered around a pond home to many wildfowl and stocked with Tilapia, has several established fruit trees, a greenhouse ready to be filled with tomato seedlings come spring, a full woodshop, barns and portable pens for animals, a working tractor, ATV’s, golf carts, solar power, well water (we’re gonna be off the grid, baby!), and the icing on the cake, an adobe chapel where the previous owner would pray each and every morning.  Must I go on?  It is a diverse piece of land with many trees that provide shade in the heat of the summer, rocky mountainous areas perfect for morning hikes, and most importantly, flat grassy areas for farming.  We are most excited about being able to incorporate more animals to their rightful place in the farm agro-system.  We are dreaming of a milk cow, and if not a cow then goats, a couple piglets come spring, Araucana chicks (they lay green eggs!), and turkeys in time for Thanksgiving (Chris says not all at once; I disagree).  We are seeing this all as a gift from a very good God that we can’t pass up.

The challenge will be a longer (but beautiful) commute to work and church, and weeding down our possessions (and expectations of what home is) so we can live in a small, mobile home.  Could you live in a 120-Square-Foot-House?

With regards to the CSA, this will be our last six week round of boxes until the spring.  We will take a few months off to move and get established in our new home, travel to Wisconsin to spend Christmas with my family, and then to China and Thailand in January.  It is so fitting to me that the move will coincide with Winter and we will be able to observe a proper Winter season of rest and preparation.  Then we’ll dig in again, with hopes of restarting the CSA come spring, bigger and better than before.  Oh, the things we can do with a tractor!

And so we are entering into a difficult but exciting season of transition- the last six weeks of our CSA, selling many of our belongings, saying goodbye to the city, moving (including moving 50 unruly chickens!), and setting up a new home.  My hope and prayer is that we will walk through these days with grace, peace, and gentleness.  There is much to be thankful for!



  1. Holy Cow! How exiting. So glad for you, it really sounds like a dream. Get a yurt, get a yurt!!! How old do my kids have to be before I send them for a farm-stay trip!

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