our first growing season

Thursday we deliver our last boxes, concluding 18 weeks of vegetables and eggs, and our first growing season.  It’s been a wild ride…
We’ve fed 10 families a week,

some of the first solid foods,

(3 time CSA member Tristan)

even played with our food!
We’ve made mistakes,

huge messes,

and sometimes second guessed ourselves.

We’ve tried new foods,

made many delicious meals,

(Fiona Franklin’s Quiche)

and new friends.

We’ve celebrated new life,

and death.

We’ve grown.
And each week, there has always been something new to rejoice in.
and a great deal of beauty to behold.

But most of all we are grateful.

For land on the cheap where we can afford to learn.

For fertile soil.

For the generosity of friends- sharing their bounty in turn with us.

For the support of family- building the chicken coop, crafting a bee box, and helping us harvest.

For our members who took a chance on us.

For God’s provision, for each week, we always had enough.
We wish you and yours a very peaceful winter.  Stay posted for updates on the farm and our move to Jamul!  We plan to build on what we’ve learned during our very first growing season and restart the CSA come spring with more space, improved planning, new vegetable varieties, better irrigation, and the help of a tractor!

Blessings to you at the table,
Chris and Rachel



  1. Thankful to have been able to join in the journey with you on your first year through reading your blog.. What a great first year, and we will be praying as you begin planning for a new season!

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