we’ve arrived

IMG_0570IMG_0552IMG_0555IMG_0581IMG_0588IMG_0579IMG_0572Five days ago with the help of willing friends and family we gathered all of our belongings and moved from the city to a 45-acre ranch in Jamul and a 350-square-foot trailer that will become the second home we’ll share together.  The chalkboard used for birth announcements and other community happenings warns you of a Big Foot sighting nearby as we rode up to Mother Grundy Truck Trail.  It was a bitter-sweet day, for we loved our two bedroom place in Golden Hill with the raised garden beds out back, the cityscape in the distance, and the farmer’s market, pizzeria, and coffee shop a block away.

We’ve only been here five days, but so far we’ve dug out a car, adopted a rooster named Fluffy, and the dogs have had two run-ins with a pack of coyotes.  This is a lifestyle change for us- the nearest business is 20 minutes away, the road leading up to our place is hazardous, and the cell phone service is spotty.  We can already feel ourselves falling into a welcomed slower pace of life.

There’s so much to do- fields to plow, garlic and raspberries to plant, bees to transport, Christmas gifts to sew, and a barn to organize.  But most importantly, the chickens are settled in their new, hopefully predator-proof coop with accompanying chicken yard (not run, yard, it’s huge!).  A ranch tour and trailer tour to come soon.  We’re so happy to be here!


One comment

  1. Wow, Chris and Rachel. Congratulations on the new digs. Welcome to East County 🙂
    I hadnt been on the blog for a while and its so great to hear you are on to bigger and better things. Best of luck!

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