day 6: garlic

IMG_0633IMG_0634IMG_0639IMG_0638IMG_0643IMG_0648IMG_0653IMG_0654 IMG_0652We aren’t entirely unpacked, but the garlic is planted!  We were scrambling to get it in the ground in time.  The seed I bought on an impulse weeks ago ($100 worth!) would soon go bad, and because garlic is a crop that overwinters it needs to be in the ground by the Winter Solstice (December 21st this year).  Or so we’ve read anyway, we’re new at this remember?  We are trying out two different varieties this year, Polish Softneck Garlic, and Turkish Red Garlic, a hardneck variety.  It will be interesting to see which performs better and if we have any success with the Turkish Red.  Softneck garlic is better suited for warm climates, but being that we are at 2,600 feet we may just get cold enough to grow hardneck varieties.  The risk is worth it if only for those curly scapes that will emerge from the Turkish Red and the cold hard ground come early spring.  They’re delicious as pesto I hear!  If all goes well we should have a large garlic harvest ready for curing in July.  A head of garlic for each CSA box for months?  We can only hope.

It is easy to go about our business, forgetting to notice the vastness of the stars at night and the mountains during the day.  We made sure to remind one another today while working to slow down, and take time to appreciate the beauty all around us.  Wishing we could share some of these moments with you!


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