day 12: ranch days

IMG_0734 IMG_0711 IMG_0714 IMG_0728 IMG_0731 IMG_0720 IMG_0725 IMG_0723

Pictured from today:

Foraging for some natural Christmas décor

Counting chickens, yep, still 49!

Spoiling the chickens with some spent grain, we traded a Craigslist friend 3 dozen eggs for 50 lbs. (leftover from his beer making)

Checking the garlic, it appears to still be safe and sound (gophers love garlic)

Breathing a sigh of relief that the new lay boxes are doing their job

Feeling for ripe Valencia oranges, not yet, but very soon

Watching new solar panels being put in

Loving my new clothes lines

Keeping our Charlie Brown tree lit 24 hours a day

Adding a little touch of red to my wreath

Not pictured from today:

Nursing two injured dogs back to health (from coyote chasing of course) with lots of rest and aspirin

Crafting for Christmas

Unpacking, of course

Loving cooking together, and sitting down to two meals a day together

Discovering a spot behind the trailer where our cell phones actually work

Making a door to my fenced in garden area, with the chickens to be released there in the morning for some fertilizing and foraging

Hurrying to pull all of our laundry into the house before it rains (now what ever do I do with it!?)

Counting down the days until we travel to Wisconsin to be with family for Christmas

IMG_0717 IMG_0702 IMG_0699


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