We received the much anticipated call from the Jamul post office at 9:30 this morning that our chicks had arrived (and we should hurry up and come get them!).  There are 26 in all- 16 Ameraucanas (blue-green Easter eggs), 5 Cuckoo Marans (chocolate brown eggs), and 5 White Leghorns (pearly white eggs), making our farm home to 8 different chicken breeds.  Everybody appears happy and healthy and is doing what they do best- pooping, eating, and chirping.


Nothing says spring (or Lent at our house) like the smell of a heat lamp, pine shavings, and baby chicks.  Nevertheless, we are hoping this will be our last post office delivery of the peeping kind.  If we are lucky enough to have received a rooster in this bunch (our current rooster is a bantham and we don’t want bantham chicks) we’re hoping some of the older ladies will get broody and we can bypass the hatchery and hatch some of our own.  Plus we hear they will gladly do all the chick-rearing work for you and keep them warm, fed, and protected.

In the meantime, I am going to enjoy doing the mothering.  Welcome to our little farm sweet baby chicks.  You are already well loved.

(Chris thinks my posed chick pictures are creepy…Dinner with the Schmucks…anybody??)









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