why we love them



With the exception of our roosters that we harvested out of necessity while living in the city, this will be our first time raising our own meat.  Last year we joined a pig CSA and enjoyed a pastured pig raised in Julian, but this year we are excited to get our hands dirty and be a part of the entire process, from start to finish, with all of its beauty and challenges along the way.  The sacrifice required for us to eat is already, at one week in, overwhelming and sobering.  Chris reminds me daily not to love them too much.

Pigs seem to be designed just for the self-sufficient farm.  Their ability to convert foodstuffs to meat is unmatched.  Once they reach 70 lbs. they will gain 2 to 4 pounds a day!  You can almost watch them grow in real time.




They are already doing a great job of tilling up our field, the one over by the garlic, fertilizing as they go.  Their powerful snouts do all the work.  We hope they are feasting on lots of weeds.


Another reason we love them, they eat all of our left over food scraps.  Nothing goes to waste around here.  Pig slop chefs we are!




Finally, we love them because they entertain us and bring us joy.  This life is a beautiful one indeed.



  1. Beautiful pictures–I mean BEAUTIFUL. Wow. I laughed and smiled looking at them, though it’s sobering to think about what’s to come. Keep them alive and eating until we arrive, please! 🙂

    Gosh. Miss you so much.

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