thoughts on Lent, spring, and resurrection


God avails Godself to me in the garden.  My senses awaken me.  I smell the fragrance of paradise here, life as God intended it to be.


In spring, during the 40 days of Lent, I prepared to receive the gift.  I abstained from frivolous things like meat and lattes as a daily reminder that life comes from God alone, but I prepared other ways too.

The soil was amended, tilled, and weeded.  The greenhouse scrubbed, fruit trees manured, and chicken coops readied for chicks. Soil blocks were made and seeds planted.  It was a soggy, messy business, done in the rain and cold at times.  I anxiously awaited Easter morning, warmer days, sunshine, and for our seeds to rear their head.



It is this process, the preparation, in which I am made ready to receive Life.  Spring.  Resurrection.  Salvation.  First-fruits.


How can I forget God as I walk between walls laced with fragrant lilacs and buttercups?  As I spot the first peonies, preparing to reveal their magnificent face to the world.






The daffodils and iris’ burst forth from the ground like clockwork.  The pink sweet peas are spotted, nowhere to be found last week, but here today.  The orchard blooms; a harvest of oranges and plums is promised.  The first green sprouts of the fava beans and the raspberry canes break through the surface of the hard, barren ground.

IMG_7709 IMG_7785

Easter morning is here!



  1. Beautiful! Your thoughts remind us all that God provides us with food, life and colorful flowers and their scents. We get too tied up in material things and should look more at God’s wonders and see all His blessings.

  2. Hi guys. We’ve been following your posts and are excited that things are going well for you in your new place. We’re interested in participating in the CSA again if there is an open spot…also, I’ve got some egg cartons we’ve been saving up for you if there is a time to hand them off to you.

    Lastly, I was wondering about your worms. Did you buy some or just find and start your own colony?

    curt luthye

    • Curt! Great to hear from you! We’d love to have you along for the second year. We are giving last year’s members first dibbs on spots. We’ll let you know when we start boxes. We don’t have an official date yet but it’s looking like a month from now, give or take. Thanks for your support! As for the worms- they aren’t worms that you find in your garden, they are Red Worms. I would highly recommend the book “Worms Eat My Garbage.” It’s only a few bucks on Amazon and will tell you everything you need to know. You can get Red Worms at City Farmers Organic Nursery or we’d be happy to give you a start with some of ours next time we see you (they quickly multiply). Vermicomposting is easy, fast, and anyone can do it, no matter limited your space is! Thanks for following along! We hope you and your family are well! ~Chris and Rachel

    • Curt,
      We are definitely reserving the first spots in our CSA for our past members. We haven’t figured out a start date yet (we’re very nervous about the rabbits and squirrels out here), but we’re hoping to start in 4-6 weeks. We’ll see how things go. Whatever the case, we’ll send out an email to all of our members from last year and give you guys the first shot at signing up. I’m glad you want to join up again!

      We’d be glad to take any egg cartons. I’m usually in town on Tuesdays and Fridays during the week – maybe I could swing by sometime on one of those days?

      Worms – Rachel works with a doctor who has been doing worms for quite a while and has a pretty large group of them, and he gave us our worms, so we didn’t have to buy any. Rachel has been doing most of the worm stuff, but from what I understand, they are a special breed of red worm that are different than your everyday earthworm. I’m not sure if a regular collection of worms would eventually get things composted quickly, but my guess is that these worms are better for pure compost and work more quickly. I’m pretty sure they sell bags of them at City Farmers Nursery in City Heights if you’re interested.

      I hope you guys are doing well!


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