spring fishing

My youngest brother Andrew, along with my parents, were here visiting last week.  It was a very fish themed visit.  Andrew tends salt and freshwater fish tanks at my family’s home in Wisconsin, and in his free time enjoys eating fried fish, naturally. With the help of a shiny new fishing pole purchased for just this occasion, he skillfully reeled in the first pond catch of the season, 5 huge bass, with the help of our land owner’s curious and enthusiastic grand kids.  Together my Dad and Andrew processed the fish and they made up our first meal shared together as a family at the ranch.
A few days later we joined the crew of the Dolphin on a deep sea fishing venture.  It was the first time for all of us, and Yelp had great things to say.
My mom pulled in the biggest catch for the afternoon (we should have paid into the pot!) but altogether we only caught a handful of rockfish (delicious though when added to our green enchiladas made with summer canned tomatillos!).  Albeit unproductive, it was a beautiful day spent together in the San Diego Harbor.
Our pond is still hopping with bass and a handful of catfish, and so whenever we are in need of a little peace and serenity, or maybe some excitement, we take out the pole.  This weekend we enjoyed another bass snagged by Chris, and with the help of YouTube, scaled, gutted, and fillet it (our first time).  Slippery little buggers they are!  Nothing went to waste.  The head and bones went to the pigs (they were very pleased to say the least), scales to my flowerbed, and the rest to us.  Chris baked them with just the perfect lemon, butter, and herb sauce.  We are already looking forward to all the future summer meals to be shared from the pond out back.
For the opportunity to enjoy fish raised in the wild (not farmed), that we caught with our hands, and for the time spent around the table with family we don’t get to see all that often, we are grateful.


  1. Love love. You are talented with the camera and are really getting your way
    with words. I look forward to reading your blog So Much!

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