spring planting


We are in the throngs of the spring planting.  The greenhouse benches are jam packed with seeds in all stages.  We seem to have finally thwarted our elusive greenhouse snitch, giving our bean, sweet pea, and corn starts a fair shot.  Our new motto:  if you can’t beat it, feed it (chicken scratch).





All of our spare time is spent planting, either starting seeds for the greenhouse, or moving established seedlings outdoors.  I prefer the former.  Today with Dostoevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov on audio, beans and peas went into the ground.  We are using cheap, PVC and string trellising.  The rest of the climbing peas and beans will be grown up all natural sunflowers and corn stalks, sans plastic.






We have planted an entire 300 x 75 foot field of vegetables, what we have come to call “The Fairway.”  Most are doing well, some are not.   We are celebrating small victories:  the onions remain untouched by the rodents, the squash have taken hold and seem about ready to flower, there are new feathery leaves on the tomatoes, the beets and turnips appear robust, and the first of the potatoes have emerged..  This past week everybody was fed a hefty dose of 8-year-old compost and compost tea brewed for 24+ hours with worm castings.

All day long we problem solve.  Rodents, predators, how to keep the pigs from getting out of their pastured pen for the fourth time this week, and money always at the forefront.  So this is farming…

First of the potatoes

First of the potatoes



Despite all of the challenges and disappointments we will remain cautiously optimistic.  And just keep planting.


Keep the earth below my feet

For all my sweat, my blood runs weak

Let me learn from where I have been

Keep my eyes to serve and hands to learn

Keep my eyes to serve and hands to learn

~Mumford & Sons, Below My Feet



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