2013 CSA


The last few months, living and farming in this new place have truly been challenging and difficult, but all together a happy and exciting season of our lives.  We have been praying for a fruitful year!  We are so anxious to share with you what we have been growing, to have it feed your children, and nourish your bodies and souls.  The reason we blog is to help you, our customer, stay connected to where your food is being grown, and to know us, your farmers.  Thank you for following and supporting us on our winding journey into farming!

We are currently looking for two drop off locations in the city of San Diego.  If you know of a local business, or would like to offer a garage that could accommodate 10-20 (preferably refrigerated) boxes once a week on Thursday evenings please contact us!

Our projected CSA start date is June 6, depending on how things grow.

Why we chose a CSA distribution model~

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  Traditionally members of a CSA buy a “share” in the farm and receive a farm box every week or two of seasonal vegetables, or in our case…eggs and veggies!

:: You learn to eat in season.

:: You’re eating ultra fresh food that in most cases has been picked that very day!  Which means it tastes way better, lasts longer in your refrigerator,  and is better for you (the available nutrients in fruits and vegetables are depleted during the 5,000 or so gas guzzlin miles from Chile where it is picked way before it is even ripe).

:: You know for a fact where your food is coming from.  There are no lingering questions, doubts, or concerns, because you know the farmer and you’ve visited, and maybe even picked some weeds or shoveled some dirt, on the farm where your food is coming from.

:: You expand your palate and learn (and your kids learn!) to eat and cook with food that they you normally wouldn’t.  Even if you’re shopping at a local farmers market for your fruits and vegetables, you typically don’t pick foods you’re not familiar with.  With a CSA you get what you get that week.  Meal planning made easy!

:: There is a shared community, a “we’re in this together” mentality among CSA members.  If the peppers get destroyed by aphids, we’ll be mourning the loss together.  If we planted way too many tomatoes, well, a canning party is in order.  Becoming a CSA member is the next best thing to backyard gardening.

:: It is a great way to support small farmers.  Paying up front for a chunk of boxes allows farmers to plan ahead and afford growing costs, which are always front-ended.

A few words about our farming practices~

:: We adhere to Organic practices, use no herbicides, fungicides, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or GMO seeds, and if you have doubts come see for yourself.  This is a spiritual and moral obligation for us that we take very seriously- we want no part in the destruction of God’s creation.  We promise to leave our soil better than we found it!  (Check out this post I wrote last year on Why Organic)

:: Our chickens are fed only Organic feed, have a massive chicken run to free-range in, and receive a ton of weeds from our field and table scraps.  In the evenings we open up the chicken yard so they can forage in our hills for several hours until the sun sets.  They receive plenty of exercise, fresh air, and sunshine, and their delicious eggs are proof!  Eggs of this caliber go for up to $12 a dozen at many natural food stores.

:: This year, inspired by this On Being podcast with chef Dan Barber, we invested in better seeds, most of them heirlooms, with the bulk coming from Seed Savers Exchange.  All seeds are not created equal!  We hope this will result in more interesting vegetable varieties for you to try (that you can’t find in the store) and altogether more flavorful eating.  Wait until you see the crazy squash we are growing!

In our first round of Spring boxes we are hoping to offer-  

A dozen Organic eggs weekly

Sweet peas




Bok Choy


Collard Greens




Swiss Chard

Bunching Onions








Summer squash

New potatoes

Fava beans

Garlic scapes






CSA sign-up information coming soon!  If you don’t want to miss out on a spot, email us at psalterfarm@gmail.com and we will be sure to contact you.

If you are following along from states away, support local farmers and find a CSA nearest you!



  1. Man if only we lived in San Diego and not KCMO we would SOOOOO be apart of your CSA. I’m so proud of you. And, yes we need to get into a CSA here in Kansas City.

    • We are still working on the drop off/pick up locations. One of our amazing members from last year has volunteered her garage as a pick-up location, and that is in La Mesa near the Baltimore Exit off of the 8 freeway. The other location we are working on is in the East Village near downtown sort of under the Coronado Bridge entrance, but things are still up in the air. If you’d like to join, just send an email to psalterfarm@gmail.com with your name, address, phone number, an email we can use for paypal, and if you’d like a box every week or every other week (we will alternate pick up locations weekly). We’re going to give our previous members the first opportunity to re-join, and then it will be first come first served as far as space goes, but we’re planning on having a lot more to go around than last year, so we shouldn’t have to wait-list too many people. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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