risky business


Our pigs, Lucille and Ramona, have been breaking out of their pastured pens faster than we can yell, “PIGS OUT!”  Frustrated by our last failed attempt, which involved fifty bucks in materials and hours of work in the blistering sun, we decided to take a risk and let them out of their pen in the barn to roam without fences, with the hope that they wouldn’t wander far and would return without too much of a fuss.

Because, well, we figured we’ve done enough pig chasing as it is, we can do it again. (Thankfully as they’ve gotten fatter they’ve gotten slower!)

They pranced around, spooked the chickens who were preoccupied with digging in the decomposing woodpile, landed a few back scratches and a spray down with the hose from us, did a few laps around our trailer and the chicken yard, but altogether never traveled far without sprinting back to us.

As the sun set we herded them back to the barn for dinner.  They came almost willingly.

These pigs.  They sure are teaching us!








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