on harvest day: June 27


Box Contents June 27~


Joan Rutabaga

Chiogga Beets

Golden Globe Turnip

Purple Top White Turnip

Early Scarlett Globe Radishes

Evergreen Bunching Onions

Red Wethersfield Onions

Polish Softneck Garlic

Apollo Arugula

Genovese/Lettuce Leaf Basil

Empress Beans or Sugar Snap Peas

Georgia Southern Collard Greens




Fava Beans or Summer Squash


This week we feature a variety of root vegetables.  Since we’ve headed down this path of vegetable eating and growing, root vegetables have been one of our most pleasant discoveries.  We love them.  Turnips, Rutabaga, Radishes, Garlic, and Onions are all wonderful, but our favorite root vegetables are Beets, and our favorite Beets are Chiogga Beets.  We never knew that something so good for you could taste so sweet and delicious.  Most of the time, we make simple “veggie mixes” with our roots.

Take your beet, cut off the top, the scraggly roots at the bottom, and any other blemishes you don’t want to eat.  Hang on to the greens.  Wash it well, and then chop it in half and slice it into large, ¼ inch thin pieces.  Do the same with any other root vegetables you’d care to add to your mix aiming for roughly the same sized pieces.  Throw a little oil in a pan over medium heat, add your roots, sprinkle them with salt, cover them, and cook them until they are soft, stirring often.  If you can get them to brown just a little bit on the outside, the taste will be incredible.  While they are cooking, wash and chop up your beet and/or turnip greens.  Put them on top of the mix and re-cover when the roots are a minute or two away from being finished.  They will turn a deep green color and soften up quickly.

We like to eat these mixes over rice, especially since it takes just about the same amount of time to cook a cup or two of jasmine rice on the stove as it does to prepare the mix, but it is also great over quinoa or cous cous. A straight mix with just salt is fantastic, but you can shade the mix in a variety of different directions by adding garlic and onions, or soy sauce, or cayenne pepper and Sriracha, or Rosemary, or any combination of herbs that smells good to you.  You can incorporate summer squash, other types of greens, beans, peas, or a wide variety of other vegetables.  If you ever get something from us, and you think, “What in the world do I do with that?” chances are it will be great in a veggie mix.  Simple, quick, colorful, and shockingly good.  Enjoy!


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