new arrivals





Oh my.  Meet our Mama Nubian goat and her four-week-old baby!  We may very well have told our friends Thursday night that we were DONE with new animals and new projects…but when our neighbors asked if we would take care of their milking Mama and baby in exchange for some milk (someone had surgery at their house and they were in over their head) it was an offer we couldn’t pass up.

These two were not bottle babies (the baby is still drinking from mom on her own accord) and so they are much more wary of us humans.  We are hoping they will get acclimated to us and to their new home quickly.  Much more to come on our adventures in milking!  Because, well, it has so far been just that, an adventure (and may have involved tying one leg to the side of the barn and pinning the Mama against the wall and lots of spilled milk!).  Chris and Andrew are working on a milk stand today which will hopefully make the process much less traumatic for everyone.

To say I am ecstatic about the arrival of these two is an understatement.  The men remain skeptical, but are willing to help with the wrangling at milking time.  Welcome to our little farm, goats!


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