on harvest day: August 8


CSA Box Contents, August 8~

Sweet Corn

Summer Squash




Purple New Potatoes





A taste of Large Red Cherry Tomatoes

Mix and Match:  Kale/Cucumber/Tomatillos

After two years and several hundred seeds, we finally have sweet corn for our members!  Last year we lost just about all of our corn to a little worm that bore its way through each ear, so we are especially happy with healthy plants this year.  We tasted one to test it out on Tuesday, and it was delicious.  We are saving the corn to the end of our harvest this afternoon so it will be as fresh as possible.  With corn, as soon as it is taken from the plant, the sugars begin to convert into starches, so the sooner you eat it, the sweeter it will be.

Speaking of sweet, we are also excited to share peaches and plums.  The new property has a small orchard with a few producing trees, and these two are suddenly dropping fruit like mad.  We’ve had all of the plums we can handle this week, and Rachel has put them to good use by sun drying them, making jam, and freezing some for later (not to mention just munching on them).  They are delicious in just about any form (Rachel has also penciled in plans for smoothies and coffee cake), and we hope you will enjoy them as much as we are!

What would a 2013 Psalter Farm box be without basil?  We hope you don’t mind, but basil seems to love it here, so we have plenty to share.  To keep your basil as fresh as possible, cut the stems like you would fresh flowers and place your bundle in a glass of water on the counter with a plastic bag on top.


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