the last milking


Chris was kind enough to join me at the milk stand on the morning of my last milking.  I was determined to have some pictures of me and my Nubian goats before we moved, and the goats were reunited with their herd.


If you asked me what the hardest part of moving was, every time I’d tell you, “it’s the goats.”



I will miss the peaceful mornings spent at the milk stand, and the chocolate milk and lattes and fresh cheese.  I will miss their all around cuteness, their uncanny ability to scurry up massive boulders, and the funny way they would climb on our cars, come to the front door, and follow me everywhere.

But we will not miss all the yelling.




The goats drove away with our neighbor after this morning milking.  And I’d like to believe that they yelled as they drove away for me.


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